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Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Bjorn Lynne works with Fightcloud

Bjorn Lynne has teamed up with the promotional group Fightcloud to give away a free Bjorn Lynne CD to all U.S. Citizens. All you pay is $4.95 for shipping & handling.

The CD is "Acoustic Adventures" and contains a selection of Bjorn's most calm and soothing acoustic, new-age, medieval, fantasy-style music.

Please keep in mind that Bjorn makes no profit on this CD give-away and it is meant as a promotional CD only. If you get the free CD and you find you really like the music, then please do the right thing and come back to this site and purchase one of Bjorn's official CD releases. Thank you.

Unfortunately for the moment the free CD offer is available only to people in the USA. To take advantage of this offer, follow this link to Fightcloud.


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