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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hilton Hotels and Bjorn Lynne's music

Hilton Hotel Corporation is using my music track "Silk Skies" in a corporate benefits enrollment program. The music will be distributed to 320 hotels in addition to corporate, sales and reservation offices throughout the U.S.


Blogger Michael Z. Williamson said...

I assume I'll see this next time I'm at a Hilton--I'm on their preferred guest list.

I'll make sure to tell other convention guests.

September 13, 2005  
Blogger George Myers said...

Eagleriders has a program with Hilton, you can rent a Harley-Davidson at some of them, if you have the "do-re-mi". Paris Hilton just got a crystal embedded pink chopper and colors. I wonder if she had anything to do with it? There's a new Hilton on Staten Island in NYC, where they want to put a NASCAR race track, near where the current lead singer for "Journey" lives, Steve Augeri, ("Tall Stories") married to my cousin. Thanks for the photos of home here in Norway. There's this Norwegian Hall in St. James, NY near Smithtown, anyway...

December 18, 2005  

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