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Monday, June 04, 2007

"Undercover" now available as a CD

“Undercover” now available on CD

I’m happy to announce that Undercover is now available as a CD!

“Undercover” is a 14-track album that I have made together with my friend from the Amiga/PC demo-scene, Adam Skorupa, aka Skorpic. The music is in “Spy/Thriller/Crime soundtrack” style.

The CD was “pre-released” in my download-shop about 2 weeks ago. As of today, it is also available as a physical CD, from two different places:

From myself, in Norway:
and from CDBaby in USA:

World wide shipping available both places.

I have to mention that this CD was not glass-mastered and duplicated in an industrial CD pressing plant. It was made in 300 copies at a “short-run” CD duplication company where they use big CD-copier machines to copy from the original master CD-R. So it’s neither a fully industrial CD, nor a home-made CD... but something in between, I suppose.

The album will arrive in a few weeks at iTunes and other downloadable services – but if you wish to buy it as a downloadable album already now, you can of course do so from right now.

To listen to the whole album online, just go to and click on the “Undercover” album cover.

Update on other musical things....

I’m working on a long(ish) track for my next forthcoming solo album. I think I’m going to call the track “Voyager”, because it appears to me that every electronic music composer or band has to make a track called “Voyager” at some point in their career ... and I have yet to do so! :-) I’m trying out different ideas and throwing away quite a lot of stuff that isn’t working the way I’d like it to. :-) I’ll try to keep you updated.

As usual, I’m also working on my royalty-free music licensing site,, which is how I make most of my income now. My music gets licensed from that page an average of 25 times every single day, and after years of this, it makes thousands of productions that use my music. Most of these productions I have never seen or heard. When somebody buys a license from, I don’t actually ask the customer exactly what he’s going to use the music for. I just tell the customer what he/she can and can’t use the music for. So it’s kind of weird to think that my music is being used in thousands of different productions all over the world, and 99.5% of them I never get to see or hear about. A couple of times I have “stumbled across” my music while switching channels on the TV. :-)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done! Undercover is very different from what I've heard of your other music but it's very effective and very well done. No surprise there :-) I've gotten your music from iTunes in the past but have subscribed to eMusic since then. Have you given thought to making your music available on eMusic as well?

June 04, 2007  
Blogger Bjorn Lynne said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

June 04, 2007  
Blogger Bjorn Lynne said...

Yes, my music should also be available through eMusic. "Undercover" probably isn't yet, but that's only because it's brand new and hasn't made it's way there yet.

Here is a list of all the places where my music can be purchased digitally:

The Bjorn Lynne download-shop

My very own shop where you buy the digital download directly from me as 256-kbps mp3 files, and get hi-res cover artwork included.

Apple iTunes

Downloadable program for Mac and Windows.


German-based website that offers a la carte downloads and focuses on both independent and major label music. Arvato's services are available worldwide.


One of the first all-independent music download sites.


Bitmunk is a digital marketplace where you set the amount of money you want to receive for each sale of your music, then different sellers can sell it for whatever price they want on top of that.


A la carte downloads for 79 cents for anyone with Windows IE browser.


Site that specializes in black music worldwide including Jazz, Blues, Hip Hop, Urban/R&B, Gospel, etc.

Daiki (Music Online Corp)

Daiki Sound is one of the largest Japanese online retailers of independent music.


DestraMusic is an Australian corportation that provides DRM music services to a variety of retailers in their network.


DKT places digital kiosks in independent music stores in Indianapolis. Users can purchase tracks from the kiosk and then create a CD with those tracks (soon customers will be able to export songs to portable devices).


Website for Mac, Windows, Linux where members can download up to 40 tracks per month of high-quality MP3 files.


Website that offers a la carte downloads and focuses on independent music. Great Indie Music's services are available worldwide, and they sell music through eBay.


Hear Music provides kiosks for Starbucks. Starbucks customers can preview music and burn CDs on demand through these kiosks.


Inprodicon is the licensing agent and technology provider for the majority of online music retail sites in the Nordic region.


Polish service that offers a la carte downloads and focuses on both independent and major label music. Interia's services are available worldwide.

IslandBeats is an online digital music store that specializes exclusively in Pacific Island Music and music of all genres by Pacific Artists.

Liquid Digital Media

Liquid exclusively provides music for Wal-Mart's digital download store.


Loudeye exclusively provides music for some select retail outlets, including Cingular's mMode service, BurnLounge, and OD2.


Mixxer, a direct-to-consumer mobile entertainment store, provides access to a more limited catalog of CD Baby albums, and offers ringtones of the recordings.


Site that specializes in independent World music.


The one and only music download site that pays its members for downloading music.


Online music store that allows purchase of regular MP3 files, for maximum compatibility with all computers and players.


Website that offers a la carte downloads and focuses on independent music. Mperia's services are available worldwide.

MSN Music

Microsoft's music store is integrated into Windows Media Player, so people who use Windows Media Player can purchase music from their desktop.


Site that offers a la carte downloads - based in the Latvia.


Audio jukebox program for Windows. No longer accepting any new content, as they were purchased by Yahoo.


Musicnet provides music for Yahoo! Music, FYE, Urge, iMesh, Music Gremlin, Synacor and Virgin's download services.


Website that offers a la carte downloads. MusicNow plans to launch a streaming service and also provide music services for other retail companies.


Muze provides music for AT&T/Cingular Wireless, eLegal Arts, and Gibson.


Website that offers a la carte downloads and focuses on children's music. My Kids Tunes' services are available in the U.S. and Canada.


Downloadable program for Windows. Yes it's now legal and paying.

NewViews Music

Website that offers a la carte downloads.


NextRadio-powered WebTunes is a BellSouth-branded online music service for BellSouth's internet customers. WebTunes is the exclusive online music service for BellSouth's portal.


Nifty is one of the leading Internet Service Providers in Japan, and controls it's own music store called MOOCS. MOOCS is an SD-Card based music download service that sells independent and major label downloads which can be transferred to SD-cards. Nifty also offers a streaming service.


NTT is one of the most popular wireless carriers in Japan. Users of their service can purchase permanent downloads from their phones and portable devices.


Website that rewards participation by allowing users to "pass along" recommendations to friends via IM or email and earn free music for helping promote download sales. PassAlong also sells music through eBay.


PayPlay is a download store that focuses on independent music. It's available for Windows users and requires no registration or software download.


Company that offers many services to independent musicians, including a site that offers a la carte downloads and focuses on independent music. PlayIndies is currently in Beta mode and will not be receiving new music until early next year.


Canada-based service that acts both as an online download retailer and a back-end service provider for other retailers, such as Tower.


Website that offers a la carte downloads.


Downloadable program for Windows, based more towards playing/streaming/listening than downloading. Rhapsody is owned by Real Networks.


Ruckus is a subscription download service designed exclusively for colleges and universities. Participating schools pay a monthly subscription fee to provide their students with all-you-can-eat "tethered" downloads.


Online radio and download store.


SNOCAP offers a way for companies to freely distribute protected mp3 files and allows artists to sell their music from their own websites and MySpace pages.


Website that offers a la carte downloads and focuses on independent music. SonicGarden's services are available worldwide.


Sonific uses independent music for promotional purposes and sync licensing. Songs that have been signed up for CD Baby's promo program are included in Sonific's SongSpots.

Sony Connect

Sony's new digital download store.

Theta Music

Theta Music is a Japanese company that specializes in music technology for internet and mobile services. Theta will initially only be selling a subset of the CD Baby catalog.


Website that offers a la carte downloads and focuses on independent music. Tradebit's services are available worldwide.


Website that offers a la carte downloads and focuses on independent music. TreeTunes's services are available worldwide.

USEN Corporation

USEN is a leader in Japanese media that operates one of the leading Japanese digital music services called OnGen.

Verizon Wireless

V-Cast Music Store is Verizon's digital music service that can be accessed on a PC and on new Verizon phones. V-Cast includes music from the major record labels and independent artists.


Wippit is one of the leading U.K.-based digital download services.


WrapFactory lets you distribute your music as "wraps" - protected files that include photos and customizable artist info with the audio.


YouPeDoo is a site based service that offers a la carte downloads from major labels and indies. It is operated by Nareos and does not use peer-to-peer technology.

June 04, 2007  
Blogger anotherbreed said...

>I’m going to call the track
>“Voyager”, because it appears to
>me that every electronic music
>composer or band has to make a
>track called “Voyager” at some
>point in their career ... and I
>have yet to do so! :-)

This make me laugh so loud that my parents here at home got really scared... ;D

Bjorn, altough I prefer your progressive/medieval/acoustic sound, I'll look forward to this new CD (surely another success).

Great also this new genre you used on Undercover, I appreciate your way to renew your own style. Simply amazing! ;D

Filippo Vicarelli

June 12, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you know, you really should try to make your music available at more download sites... (kidding!) Man, what a list! I've never even heard of half those services. Bjorn, I'm a struggling indie musician and you're my role model.

June 14, 2007  

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