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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Bjorn Lynne album(s) on the Horizon....

oday, I got this email from Robert Kriger: "Is there a way that I can purchase some of your latest creations that have not made into an album yet such as solar winds, Funkwah, perpetual flux, Koloss, etc… I have been a great fan of yours since 1998, and have pretty much all your albums. keep up the good work! By way, please tell your friend Jogeir Liljedahl that his album out of silence is phenomenal and I can't wait to hear new material from him."

I thought that this kind of deserved a real answer, not just to Robert, but to other people reading this...

The situation is: I’ve actually got a lot of music more or less ready for release on new Bjorn Lynne CD’s. I think I have enough material for at least two CD’s. The only thing that’s kind of keeping me from releasing this new material on CD’s is that I need to “collate” it. I need to go through the material and choose what to use and what to leave out. Also, choose which tracks to use together on one CD to make it either one or two more or less cohesive albums, rather than just a totally random collection of tunes of all styles and moods. Also, I need to put it all together as gapless albums (I like to make gapless albums) :-) And not least, I have to try to come up with some cover artwork / CD cover design/layout, all that. It’s these things that have been holding me back somewhat for the past 6 months or so.

But…. After I got your email, I got a little “kick in the behind” and I will actually try to pull myself together a little bit and get this done. Most likely I’ll release one album of only my own stuff (electronic, spacey, melodic), and another album with more upbeat/driving stuff, together with my friend Adam Skorupa. (We’ve released one album together in the past).

Please keep watching my website and my newsletter for updates soon!


Anonymous Dirk Tol said...

Is pre-order possible? (more kick in the behind ;-) )

Keep up the good work!

September 25, 2009  

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