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Friday, December 12, 2008

Buy 2, Get 1 free - on all Bjorn Lynne & Divinorum CD's until end of 2008 !

Dear friends,

I'd like to tempt you with a special limited-time offer on my music CD's. From now until the end of the year, I'm giving away one extra CD completely free, for every 2 CD's purchased from my personal CD-shop:

I ship CD's all over the world, and although admittedly, the postal service is quite expensive from here, it works out to a really great deal if you buy 2 and get 1 free. You can also buy 4 and get 2 free. Or buy 6 and get 3 free... and so on.

Why not use this as an opportunity to grab some unique Christmas presents, for yourself or for your friends and family?

The offer is for ALL CD's listed on this page: and the offer is good until December 31st at 23:59 your time.

If you have any questions or just a friendly word or two :-) Feel free to email me any time at the address posted at my contact page (Please note that my old/previous email address is no longer in use).

If you don't hear from me again before the Christmas & New Year holidays -- let me take this opportunity to thank you all for listening to my music throughout the year, and to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I have plans for two new album releases in the new year! But first -- I'd like to sell some of the CD's I already have here, so come on, use this opportunity to get yourself a deal! :-)

All the best,

- Bjorn Lynne


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly, I already have all your CDs :) And it's a bit too late now to place an order for Christmas for my family I guess :)

Nice offer though, Bjorn !

December 16, 2008  

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