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Saturday, January 31, 2009

All Bjorn Lynne & Divinorum albums now available as FLAC downloads

Hello folks,

I have to say "due to popular demand" -- which means that more than 2 persons have asked me about it! ;-) -- I have now made nearly all my albums available to purchase and dowload instantly as lossless FLAC files from my download-shop. They are also still available as MP3 downloads. Both versions (FLAC/MP3) also include high-res images from the cover artwork, so if you want to print your own CD cover and make yourself a real CD that way, you can do that. The FLAC versions cost $2 more than the MP3 versions.

Albums now available as FLAC/MP3 downloads:

Bjorn Lynne: "Irish & Celtic Instrumentals"
Bjorn Lynne: "Quiet Places"
Bjorn Lynne & Adam Skorupa: "Undercover"
Bjorn Lynne: "Beneath Another Sky"
Bjorn Lynne: "Soothe"
Bjorn Lynne feat. Eco-Mcz: "Statement"
Bjorn Lynne: "Return to Witchwood"
Bjorn Lynne: "Colony"
Bjorn Lynne: "The Gods Awaken"
Bjorn Lynne: "Accelerator"
Bjorn Lynne: "Wolves of the Gods"
Bjorn Lynne: "Revive"
Bjorn Lynne: "Wizard of the Winds"
Bjorn Lynne: "Decade"
Bjorn Lynne: "The Void"
Bjorn Lynne: "Witchwood"
Bjorn Lynne: "Dreamstate"
Bjorn Lynne: "Montage"
Bjorn Lynne & Seppo Hurme: "Hobbits & Spaceships"
Bjorn Lynne Relaxation Music Series: "Amazon Evening"
Bjorn Lynne Relaxation Music Series: "Under the Sea"
Bjorn Lynne Relaxation Music Series: "Tranquil Landscapes"
Bjorn Lynne Relaxation Music Series: "Image Reflections"
Bjorn Lynne Relaxation Music Series: "Endless Oceans"
Bjorn Lynne Relaxation Music Series: "A Journey Within"
Divinorum: "Power Liquids"
Divinorum: "Talisman"
Divinorum: "Isms"
Jogeir Liljedahl: "Out of Silence"
Jogeir Liljedahl: "The Wanderer"
Bjorn Lynne: "Worms World Party - Original soundtrack"
Bjorn Lynne: "Worms Armageddon - Original soundtrack"
Bjorn Lynne: "Phoenix - Deep Space Resurrection"
Bjorn Lynne: "Worms 2 - Original soundtrack"

For more information or to purchase any of these albums in FLAC or MP3, please go to the Bjorn Lynne download-shop.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for this option. I already got 3 of them and will surely come for more. I hope there will be enough demand for downloads in lossless format. There are still lots of people who think 128k MP3 is ok and have no clue what FLAC is.

And I love the music btw. Thanks again.

February 01, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too really appreciate this! But though I understand that FLAC is lossless, I still wonder what quality it actually is. Is it the same as CD (16bit/44kHz)? With all this HD-fuzz currently going on, I would also love to have some more "HD" music available (such as 24bit/96kHz)! :)

February 01, 2009  

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