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Thursday, July 01, 2010

New track 'Spectral Waves'

Hi all,

Summer is here and I'm spending my time between working on my music licensing business, playing tennis, going on trips with my family, and working on some new music. Yesterday I finished a new track that I called "Spectral Waves". It can now be heard on my Facebook profile, under the "My Band" tab.

(For those who don't wish to use Facebook, the tracks can also be heard on my profile at ReverbNation.)

I'm pretty excited to be taking part in a real tennis tournament for the first time (it's about time, at the ripe age of 43!) :-) I'm going to play both in the singles 40+ and the in the doubles 40+ in Norway's largest tennis tournament, next week. I'll definitely get knocked out in the first round, but I'm thinking like this: HALF of all the players are knocked out in the first round. So there's no shame in that. :-).

That's all from me for now. I hope you'll like the new track "Spectral Waves". BTW, if you want to hear some other mixes/edits/versions of it (such as a "Minimalist Mix" etc. then you can hear those at


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