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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A note about my sold-out CDs

Through the years I have released a lot of CD-albums. A few of these are now sold out, and will not be re-pressed. From time to time, people ask me whether there is any possibility at all, of obtaining a copy of these CDs.

In reply, I usually make people this offer: If you buy any two (or more) CDs from my own personal CD-shop, I will make a CD-R copy of the sold-out CD that you were interested in. I write on the CD-R "authorised copy" and put my signature on it. This CD is then included for you free of charge and sent along with the two (or more) CDs that you ordered.

So I would just like to make it official, that this is an offer that's open to everybody. If there's a sold-out CD of mine that you want to obtain, simply order 2 or more CDs from my CD-shop, send me an email and ask me for a CD-R copy of the sold-out CD, and I will take care of that for you. :-). Cool, eh?

The sold-out CDs are:


Blogger SacRat said...

That's a good idea indeed :)
Especially as some interesting albums are unable to get in other way now...

btw, Bjorn, have you thought of making a compilation out of these albums? As pressing of the sold-out CDs might not return all the invested money, so why not creating a compilation on a pressed DVD? Just put there all the songs in FLAC format, masters of album covers and all needful materials and give it a decent price. I'm sure, people would get it! Just CD-Rs are not very reliable and fans would have to grab/backup them in any case.

Also glad to hear your last album is nearly complete, waiting it with impatience...

February 15, 2006  

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