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Monday, December 12, 2005

Music for a photo exhibition

I have been asked by the photographer Svenn Dvergastein to compose and produce music for a photo exhibition that will be held in the summer 2006 in my home town, Stavern, Norway. I will compose about 40-50 minutes of music, mainly ambient, experimental and semi-orchestral, that will be playing non-stop throughout the exhibition.

The photo exhibition will be held at the historic site Fredriksvern Verft, which was built around 1750 and originally used as a military site and shipyard. The site hasn't been used for any military purpose for a long time. Today it serves as a cultural/historic center and hosts numerous art exhibitions, concerts and events, especially throughout the summer.

The photo exhibition featuring my music will be located in what was originally the prison in the main guard building. It will be showing from June till August 2006. If you're in the area, make sure you stop by! :-)

Here's a photo from Fredriksvern Verft. (This photo isn't part of the exhibition, it's just a photo from the site where it will take place. Photo courtesy of


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