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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Norwegian site about royalty-free music

Hello people,

I just wanted to mention quickly that today I have launched a new website in Norwegian language for Norwegian media production professionals looking for royalty-free music. The site is and it explains the use of partly royalty free and fully royalty free music in Norway, and how it relates to TONO (Norway's composers royalty collection organisation) and Ncb (Nordic Copyright Bureau).

I'm sorry that this is of course completely irrelevant for non-Norwegian people, but it should be a useful resource for people working in film production and other media production in Norway. I hope some of you will find the site valuable and useful.


Blogger jontyl said...

Wow, great choice Bjorn, now I can use your excellent midis in my upcoming mmorpg, Unknown Story.

Many thanks, I'll send the link when I first release it

Again, thanks

May 25, 2008  

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