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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why so hugely different prices for Bjorn Lynne music?

Today I received an email from a person who'd heard my music "Under the Sea" in a YouTube video and he had searched around a bit and found that this music track was available for about $8 (it's a whole single-track album of 60 minutes) from some places, but also available for $49.95 from another site. So he wrote to the "expensive" site ( and asked why we were selling something for $49.95 when the same thing was available elsewhere for $8?

I found out about Bjorn Lynne's Under the Sea song via a video made of World of Warcraft (involving an underwater scene). I found it quite beautiful. The person that made the video told a commenter which song it was and linked here:

Surprised at the $49.95 price tag for the 60 minute version, I did some searching and found the same 60 minute track on the composer's own website for only $8.00. Quite a price difference I just thought you'd like to know about the incredible price differential and how easy it was to find the $8.00 version:"Under+the+Sea"+bjorn+lynne
Thanks for reading.
My answer:

Thanks very much for your email. My name is Bjorn Lynne and I'm the composer of the music track you heard (and many others).

The difference in pricing is because of totally different rights you get with your purchase. To purchase the track just to listen to it, the price is around $8. It can be bought from my own personal website and other places like CDBaby, etc.

If you buy the track at for $49.95 you get more than just the rights to listen to it. You get the rights to use this music in a public or commercial project. With this purchase, you don't just get the music download, you also get a License Document with your name and address on it, and this document shows that you have the rights to use this music within your own project, such as a film, Youtube film, DVD/game, broadcast, theater play, telephone on-hold music, etc. etc. (You can see all the rights you get, by looking at the License page at Shockwave-Sound) And you don't have to pay me (the composer) ANY royalties for this type of use. That's what you get for the one-time $49.95 purchase, and that's why we say that this site ( is selling royalty-free music.

That's a huge difference from the $8.00 purchase which only gives you the rights to listen to the music on your personal music system.

- Bjorn

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