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Monday, November 08, 2010

New music track "Outback Ramble"

This is just a video I put together to put some images to my latest music composition: "Outback Ramble". I felt that this music went well together with scenes of nature, forest, outdoors and relaxing natural scenes, so I used stock footage from Redwood National Forest, which I have licensed from

The music was composed, recorded and produced over two days in early November 2010 in my home studio. There are about 4 layers of my acoustic guitar and the rest is programmed. At about 10 seconds in you can see a photo that shows how I set up the guitar recording. I have two microphones placed about 30 cm from each other and record those two mic's left/right for a nice, natural stereo sound on the guitar. The two microphones aren't identical, but in my opinion, they don't have to be. The guitar I'm using is a Crafter "jumbo body" acoustic that I bought about 15 years ago; I like the sound of it. It has built-in pickups and a jack plug, but I never use it. I don't like the sound of acoustic guitar recorded with built-in pickups. In my experience, it sounds "tinny", compressed and unnatural. For me, the best way to record an acoustic guitar is always with two microphones placed in front of the guitar. If you want a more "distant", roomier sound, you simply sit further from the microphones. If you want a really "up-close" sound, it's a no-brainer, you simply move up and sit really close to the microphones. :-)

Well, I hope you like the track. If you would like to license this track for use in a project of your own, you can buy a license from (just search for the track title "Outback Ramble" there). Or if you are interested in hearing more of my music for just personal listening, please see my personal website . You can also buy my CD's from iTunes or from

Thanks for listening!

Bjorn Lynne
November 2010


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