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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Two new tracks I've made for music library licensing

Hello friends,

By the time you read this, I will probably be on my way for an 11-days trip to USA, where I will be staying in the New York / New Jersey area until August 6th. The trip is a combination of a little bit of work, a little bit of vacation / tourist time, and a little bit horse related, because my wife is really big-time into horses, and next weekend is the weekend for the big horse trotting race, "Hambletonian". Believe it or not, we own a 1/120th stake in one of the favorite horses to win it -- Donato Hanover.

Anyway, enough of that. Before I leave, I wanted all you guys to know that I haven't been lazying around here, but have in fact been working on two new "pop" like tracks which are not meant for release on any Bjorn Lynne CD, but have been composed and produced purely for licensing through music libraries (including my own royalty-free music library site,

The two tracks were created and produced right here in my room (in fact, on the same PC as I'm typing on now) :-). The saxophone in "Jazzy Chill" was played by my friend Steinar Borvik.

Here are the two tracks in reduced sound quality (should be good enough to hear what they're like). I hope you'll enjoy them. If anybody should be interested in licensing these tracks for use in any kind of media (TV, web site, multimedia, slideshow, anything), then you can buy a license for that at

Okay, I'm off "stateside" for the next 11 days and will write again when I return. :-)

All the best,
- Bjorn


Blogger User said...

Both great tracks - have a nice holiday!


July 25, 2007  

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