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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Get a free Bjorn Lynne CD !

Dear friends,

Today I'm announcing a new promotion in which you can earn yourself a completely free, autographed, Bjorn Lynne CD or DVD, just by writing an article about one of my web services / online stores that I'm trying to promote online. In short terms, you will write something online, an article or blog post, about a somehow relevant subject, and in that article or blog post, you will link to one or both of my two sites: (Royalty-Free Music, Stock Music), and/or (Buy and download sound effect files). And in return for you writing about one/both of my services and linking to it/them, thus helping to create a "buzz" about these sites, I will show my appreciation by sending you a free Bjorn Lynne CD - autographed - as a completely free gift from me to you.

To read all the details and requirements, please check this page.

Thanks for reading!

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