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Friday, August 26, 2011

Worms, Worms and more Worms

From time to time I'm asked about music that I composed for the many different "Worms" games from 1995 until 2006 when I worked as a composer of video games for Team17 Software.

To keep this music from "dying out" I've now made a lot of it - maybe not all of it, but everything that I still had on backups and that I could make sense of, arrange and present in nice and tidy way, and that sounded ok as music in its own right, outside the scope of the game.

I invested a huge amount of creative effort in all that Worms music through the years, so it's with pleasure that I'm able to present it on my website now, so that the music can "live on" and be heard by fans of the games, and the music itself.

The music is available in FLAC (lossless audio) or MP3 (256-kbps) from the Bjorn Lynne Download Shop.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Bjorn, some nice missing pieces ! Hope we'll hear more from you soon ! ;-)

October 31, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which worms game was the one which used soundstreamz instrumental?

February 09, 2017  

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