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Sunday, September 23, 2012

A new album release - "New Tech Haven"

Hi all!

It's been quite a long time since I posted any news on this blog, but that's just because I've been working on my music and my music publishing business. Anyway, I am now happy to announce the release of my first new CD album release for 3 years: New Tech Haven.

This album contains 12 tracks which I've picked out from the 40 or so tracks that I have produced over the past couple of years. I chose some tracks that I felt would fit nicely together as an album that would be quite mixed, but also somewhat coherent and make up a nice listening experience from start to finish. I guess you guys will be the ones to judge whether I managed it. :-)

The music is a combination of electronic, energetic, ambient, fantasy, sci-fi and technology inspired electro.

You can listen to the whole album from start to finish in low sound quality on this page. From here you can also find links to buy the album as a CD or as a download in high quality MP3 or FLAC.

All the best,
- Bjorn Lynne -- September 2012


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