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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Bjorn Lynne CDs at ArtistLaunch and CDBaby in USA

My latest CD "Statement" is available to purchase from ArtistLaunch or CDBaby.

Listen to my music while surfing the net

Listen to Bjorn Lynne Radio while surfing the net!

Bjorn Lynne Fantasy Music radio: Music taken from my fantasy music CDs, "Return to Witchwood", "The Gods Awaken", "Wolves of the Gods", "Wizard of the Winds", and "Witchwood": Click To Listen

Bjorn Lynne Space/Electronica radio: Music taken from my electronic, sci-fi, space oriented CDs, "Colony", "Power Liquids", "The Void", "Dreamstate", "Talisman" and "Isms". Click To Listen

Monday, March 01, 2004

New Bjorn Lynne album: "Statement" released today!

The new Bjorn Lynne album, "Statement" is released today! This is a 14-track album of jazzy chillout grooves, melodic electronica with a backbone beat, and guest vocalist Eco-Mcz on 4 of the tracks -- the other 10 tracks being all (instru)mental grooves! Statement is available both as a physical CD ($14.99 through and as an instant-download album ($10.00 through For sound previews, track listing, ordering details and more, click here.