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Friday, May 01, 2015

No, you may not use my music for free in commercial projects!

I just received an email from a producer of a Travel television show that would be aired on "an Arabic TV channel, with more 200 million viewers world wide", and he wanted to know if he could have the use of my music for this for free because he had no budget. I would, however "be credited" for the music.

Quite frankly, this is an insult to me as a music composer and producer. What the hell is somebody doing producing travel programs for an audience of 200 million viewers, and hasn't even got $100 to license music, but has to go out and beg composers to use their music for free, in a massive project like this? What's up with that? 

Why do people think that composers should be happy to give away their music for free use, in return for credits? If you are going to use our music in public, in broadcast, in commercial or for-profit projects, we are entitled to payment and to get credit for our work.

Does the TV station, who broadcasts to 200+ million viewers, offer their advertisers free advertising on their channel, oh, hey, in return for "credits"?

I really would like to use some considerably stronger language here, but suffice to say I reject this, and any similar offers.

If somebody wants to use my music for charity, for selfless projects to help others in need etc., then you may ask me to use my music for free, and I'm happy to consider it.

If you're working commercially and you want FREE music, you are a joke!