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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My two new CD's now available as MP3 or FLAC downloads

Hi all,

The "pre-ordering" period for my two new CD's "Crystal Horizon" and "Nanoteknika" is now over. In total, exactly 100 Crystal Horizon and 97 Nanoteknika CD's were pre-ordered. Many thanks for your support!

All pre-ordered CD's have been shipped out. If you haven't already received yours, it's right around the corner.

The two CD's can now be purchased as download albums, in high quality MP3 (256-kbps) or in Lossless FLAC format. The purchase also includes high-res cover artwork images - with cut and crop marks and everything - so you can print the artwork and make yourself a CD-cover for the album, if you want to. The whole album is $10.00 as MP3 or $12.00 as FLAC. They can be purchased from my download shop, where payment is done through 2Checkout. 2Checkout accepts all major credit cards, and Paypal.

It is still possible to buy the physical CD's as well! These can be purchased for $15.00 from my CD-shop.

For those who have already received your CD's, I hope you enjoy them. :-)

All the best,
- Bjorn

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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Now taking pre-orders for two new Bjørn Lynne CD's

Dear readers,

I'm very happy to say that today I have opened the pre-ordering for my TWO new CD albums, "Crystal Horizon" and "Nanoteknika", both of which will be released later this month (probably around the 25th of October).

Many of you are asking about buying autographed CD's, and I have decided to do it like this: All copies of this CD that are pre-ordered before the actual release date will be autographed by me and shipped out to you by me, personally. As soon as the CD's are actually manufactured, I will autograph, pack and ship out all pre-ordered CD's personally. After the actual release customers will have the CD shipped to them  directly from the manufacturing plant - NOT by me personally. Therefore it is only possible to get it autographed if you pre-order it before the actual release date - which is tentatively set for October 25th. This goes for both of the two new CD's.

The two new albums will also be available to buy as high quality MP3 and lossless FLAC downloads, with high-res cover artwork, directly from my site. But only from the same day when I actually start sending out pre-ordered CD's to customers.

Over the coming weeks and months, the CD's should also eventually make their way up on other services like iTunes, CDBaby, etc. But this will take a good number of weeks from the release date.

Crystal Horizon and Nanoteknika are both $15.00 each as physical CD's. They can be pre-ordered right now from the Bjorn Lynne CD-shop.

The download versions (with high-res printable cover artwork) will cost US$ 10.00 each in 256-kbps MP3 files, or US$ 12.00 each in lossless FLAC format.

You can listen to previews of all the tracks on by "Crystal Horizon" and "Nanoteknika" on the web pages for each of the albums. I hope you'll enjoy them. :-)

All the best,
Bjorn Lynne,