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Friday, June 04, 2010

Update and a YouTube video

Hi all,

Sorry for not having written anything on this blog for a while. I've been busy with my music licensing business, signing up new music for publishing through my stock music company, and also working on some music on my own. Below is a video of me, working on a new sort of Chill-house track. The video shows me working out the bass line, recording a guitar melody, plus a couple of little "odd bits" where I play some "stick" by hitting a plastic jar with a pencil and I work in a cool little chair squeak sound into the rhythm/beat pattern. I hope you'll like it - it's just a bit of fun. :-)

BTW, the track ended up being titled "Hotel Brasil", many thanks the great title suggestion by Juan Carlos Pastor Segura who is connected with me at Facebook and suggested the title there.

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