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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Question about using music in a film

Question from Kacpar Królak:
I got a question. If I buy one of your present/future tracks. May I use them in one of my movies? "Under cover of darkness" suits well to my idea for a vampire movie :-)
Answer from Bjorn Lynne:
Hi Kacper,

You can buy my tracks in two different ways:

You can buy my tracks cheap like $1 per track or less, from places like, iTunes, etc. You pay very little for the track, but the track is then only for personal listening. The same is the case if you buy one of my CD's for around $12 etc.

The other way you can buy my music is to buy it from Here you pay a lot more per track (about $15-30 for one music track), and here you are buying a license for using the music in media and in-public. So you get to download the music, and you also get the legal rights to use the track in your movie, or whatever other media you want.

So... the answer is yes. If you buy my music from you can use the music in a movie etc. But if you buy it very cheap from some place like etc., then you can only use the music for personal listening.

Of course, I very much appreciate ALL support I get from people who buy my music, whether it's from iTunes,, my own personal CD-shop, or anywhere else.

- Bjorn