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Monday, November 26, 2007

Letter from Alastair Jamieson-lane - use of MIDI files for project

Hey Bjorn

I am amateur Java program just fooling around with a little Platform game. I'd really like to use a couple of your midi tunes for background music, but am not sure if the game would be considered "at home listening" or "any kind of project" and am not sure if I'd have to buy a liscense. Thought I'd ask your permission and see what you say about it. Great music man, keep it up!

- Alastair

Hi Alastair,

Thanks for your email. So long as the game is just for fooling around between yourself and your friends/family, you may use my MIDI’s for free.

If the game is going to be distributed in any way, i.e. available for download (even free download), then you need a license to use my MIDI’s. (License costs $29.95 per track and can be purchased from

I hope this helps.

- Bjorn

Friday, November 02, 2007

A sign of life from the depths....

Dear friends around the world,

* Hello and little update
* $10 for all Bjorn Lynne CD's until Christmas

Hello and little update

I'm very sorry that it's been so long since I wrote anything to this list. I think, the last time I wrote, I was about to set off for my first ever visit to the US. Since then, so much has happened, unfortunately not a whole lot of it has been about my "Bjorn Lynne CD's" in the traditional sense.

It's been two years now, since I quit my day-job as a musician/sound guy for the video game company Team17, and set out trying to make a living "on my own" as a one-man music provider and music company. I'm happy to be able to say that things have gone really well for me. My company Lynne Publishing is now a fully-fledged record company with 4 artists signed (myself included) plus several more artists "co-operating" non-exclusively. I don't really concentrate on selling CD's to consumers in the traditional record company way -- instead, I concentrate on licensing our music to companies, for use within their projects such as games, film, TV/broadcast, etc. Not only are we making a lot of money from direct sales of licenses, but as a secondary effect we are also getting our music used a lot in TV, film, games, broadcasts, websites, etc -- which is a lot of fun.

To have taken a chance, jumped off my day-job and "made it" on my own, now making 4-5 times as much as I did as an employee, feels extremely satisfying. :-)

As you can imagine, in the midsts of this success with the music licensing business, other things have unfortunately suffered, and one of those things is the composing and recording of my own "personal" music which is just made for releasing Bjorn Lynne CD's and selling them to a few hundred fans.

I still do plan to release another CD -- hopefully in 2008. I have written 3 tracks for my next album (one of them being over 14 minutes long), and I will return to this project at some point in the near future. So let's just see what happens.

My visit to New York and New Jersey this summer was wonderful, although too short. Of course I couldn't leave my "work head" completely behind, so I brought with me a portable recorder, and I recorded a collection of "Sounds of New York City", which can now be seen on my music/sound licensing web site, more specifically on this page, in case you want to have a quick listen to them. :-):

Only a few weeks after returning from the U.S. I also went on a trip to Ireland -- to the very south end of the country, a small place called Skibbereen, where I spent a week relaxing and doing fun stuff with a group of friends (including Andrew "Nightshade/Crusaders" Barnabas and Adam "Skorpic" Skorupa). As you can see from this photo, among other things, we went fishing. :-)

$10 for all Bjorn Lynne CD's until Christmas

I want to give a little extra boost to my CD sales before Christmas (the idea being that some of you might buy them as Christmas gifts for yourselves or friends/family), so I'm happy to announce that all my CD's are only $10 each from my personal CD-shop: between now and Christmas.

(Normal price is $16.99 per CD)

CD's ordered from this page are packed and sent out by me personally, so if you would like to have your CD's autographed, just send me an email about it, at the same time as placing your order.

I guess that's it for now. Thanks very much for reading and have a wonderful weekend.

All the best,
Bjorn Lynne