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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Couple of new music tracks and various news

Dear friends,

Just a little update from Bjorn Lynne....

Nanoteknika and Crystal Horizon:
My two new CD albums have been very well received -- thank you so much to those who have ordered it. I’m getting a lot of great feedback through Facebook and email. If you have an opinion on these albums, please feel free to write your own little review (anything from 3 words to 30 pages welcome!) and submit to me by email and I’ll post your review on my website.
New tracks:
Fantasy Exploration #1: Made for the purpose of using in background for fantasy games, TV/Travel, etc. and licensing out as stock music. You can hear this track on the mp3 page of my personal website:
Hi Speed Berliner: This is very unusual for me; I wanted to make a sort of hardcore techno track which I haven’t really done since about 1996 when I made the music for the "X2" PlayStation game. This track was not made for any Bjorn Lynne CD or anything like that, but for licensing to media producers, Flash producers, animators, etc. as stock music. You can hear the track (albeit with a "preview" voiceover) at Shockwave-Sound.
As you can tell, I like to play around and have fun with various music styles, even though the music is a million miles away from what I would call my "musical heartland". :-)
I’d like to connect with as many as possible of you through Twitter.. I’m at . In the words of that old Genesis song: "I will follow you, if you follow me..." ;-)
If you’d like to connect at Facebook, you can find me at
Sound/Music for Nintendo DS games
Since I started my music publishing company and run the royalty-free stock music website, I don’t really tend to work much on games any more, but there is one games development company that I still work for a little bit now and then, and right now I’m working on music and sound-fx for a Nintendo DS game. I can’t share any more details yet due to Non-Disclosure etc
On a personal note, my wife and I have just bought a piece of land here in Stavern, Norway. We were pretty lucky and managed to grab hold of what is probably the largest piece of land still available for development here in this small town. We’re now embarking on the long and costly affair of building "our dream house". Should be lots of fun, and lots of work!

Well, I guess that’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

All the best,
-          Bjorn Lynne

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New track, "Fantasy Exploration #1"

I composed a new music track, "Fantasy Exploration #1", which you should be able to hear in the Flash player below... The purpose of this track was to make it available for licensing for use in media such as games, video/film, exhibitions, installations, etc.

With this track I've tried to create a track that would be a nice background for exploring new areas and mystical lands. I've deliberately tried to make it non-emotional, not too sad, not too happy, not too light, not too dark, not too exciting, not too boring, not too spooky, not too light... :-) Just middle of the road, all the way! But still with a little bit of mysticism. I hope you'll enjoy it. If you want to license the track for use in media, you can find it at

- Bjorn