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Friday, October 15, 2010

Ice Planet video

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Using my music for a school, hobby or non-profit project?

Today I received a message from a guy who wanted to know if he could use one of my free MP3 download tracks in his school video project. It's completely non-profit and he was going to give me proper credits for the music etc. of course. And when the video was finished, he was going to upload it to YouTube so that I, and everybody else, could see the finished video there. So he wanted to know if he could use my music for free, for this purpose.

I get this type of questions quite regularly, so I wanted to share the answer here, in case somebody else are interested in knowing how I look at this issue:
Answer from Bjorn:

Hi, thanks for your email.
I'm totally okay with you using my music (for free) for a school project. That's no problem. But when you start talking about distributing the video via YouTube, it's not so simple any more. YouTube use may seem "non commercial" to you, but YouTube use is in fact highly commercial and very widely distributed. When you upload a video to YouTube, you are giving YouTube all rights to all content in that video, and that includes the music. It will be distributed on the world's most visited website, and YouTube can do anything else they like with the video, and with the music that's used in it. And basically I'm not willing to allow that to happen without me getting a license payment. The music can be licensed for YouTube use for $29.95 (even less for shorter versions of the track), from I hope this sounds reasonable.

If you take away the YouTube distribution and use the music only for your actual school project, you can do that free of charge. No problem.
- Bjorn Lynne

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Some new music from Bjorn Lynne

Hi people !

It's been a while since I posted anything on this blog. I have been guilty of neglecting this blog a little bit, I think partially because I've started to use my Facebook profile page to just post little messages, quick news etc. I don't know, for some reason it kind of feels that I need to have some kind of big important news, before I'll make a new post on my email newsletter mailing list or on this blog. So, if you're interested in quick, non-important news from me, feel free to hook me up as a friend on Facebook.
By the way, here is a recent photo of me and my daughter. I hadn't posted any new photos of myself for years, so just to connect a bit better, I decided to put this photo here, to show you guys what I, and my little girl, look like in 2010. :-)

New music tracks

These days, when I compose new music tracks, the purpose is mostly to license them out through my stock music (royalty-free music) catalogue. I don't think so much in terms of "albums" or "CD's" any more. It's more about adding the new tracks to my ever growing collection of "library music" - in other words, music that can be licensed for use in games, videos, film, websites, multimedia etc.

None of these tracks are available to buy on any Bjorn Lynne CD yet, but some of them may appear on future Bjorn Lynne CD releases, who knows...

First up is Ice Planet - I guess you could say that this is a track in the old-school electronic style of music like in my early years (1988-1995?). The track is quite long and has a very synth / fantasy / scifi sound and it's a little bit similar in style to the music I used to make on the Amiga and Protracker, all those years ago. In fact, back in 1992 or so I made a track on Amiga called "Father Nature" and in this track, Ice Planet, the main theme from that old 1992 track Father Nature makes a visit. :-)

Next out is Spectral Waves where I've also tried to go for a sort of "cold", "icy" sound but with a bit more "tech" feel to it:

Then we have Dreamy Days where I wanted to go for a sort of "friendly, light pop" sound because in my experience, this type of music is quite often licensed for use in commercials, corporate video, video presentations and other multimedia presentations:

The next track, Synchro Express, I guess is a little bit back to the old-school electronic / techno style, but not really too hard techno. Kind of like the music we used to make on the Amiga back in the day. :-) Again, I find that this kind of music is regularly licensed for use in casual video games, on-screen presentations and animations of various types etc., so I wanted to create a track that could be a success within a stock music catalogue and be licensed many times to customers making various forms of multimedia:

And last out today is a new track that I literally finished this morning, it's called Fantasy Exploration #2 and it's pretty much directly made to be used within fantasy games, adventure games, RPG games and similar productions. The music is not too light, not too dark, not too loud, not too quiet, not too sad, not too happy, and otherwise I guess fairly "neutral" :-) It's made with the purpose of just creating a general background atmosphere / mood while exploring new lands and new areas in adventure / fantasy games. The track plays for 7 minutes and contains no repetition at all during this time, so you can play this track in a loop (for example, within a game) for quite a long time without it becoming too repetitive:

And yes, if you guessed from the "#2" in the title of this track, you may have guessed that I have in fact previously made a "Fantasy Exploration #1", and you would be correct. :-) That track is also available.

If you or somebody you know should be interested in licensing any of these tracks for use in YouTube videos, games, websites, multimedia etc., then just go to where you can buy a license for $29.95 (less for shortened versions) and for that money you get to download the track, and you get a license document that proves your right to exploit that music track commercially and in-public, and to distribute the track within your own creation (video, film, game, etc.). Take note though, that the license does not give you a right to distribute the music by itself, as music. It only gives you a right to use the music within some kind of project like a film, game, animation etc., and then to distribute that final product. I hope you all understand the difference between that, and simply re-distributing the music itself.

Thanks for reading!

- Bjorn (October 9, 2010)

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