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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Download music from Worms Open Warfare

Sony and THQ have released the Team17 Software developed game "Worms Open Warfare" for Sony PSP and Nintendo DS, for which I composed and produced the music (ingame music and menu music), and composed/produced all the music and sound effects for the FMV-sequences.

With kind permission from Team17 Software, I have been allowed to give away two in-game music tracks for your free personal enjoyment. You can now download the "Hawaii Level" and the "Hell Level" tracks from my page on SoundLift. I hope you'll enjoy them. :-)

Monday, April 17, 2006

Lions Gate Films chooses Bjorn Lynne music for Blu-Ray menus

Lions Gate Films will be using my music for the menu-systems on all titles in their first batch of movie releases on the new Blu-Ray format, which includes such titles as "Lord of War", "Crash", "Terminator 2", "The Punisher" and "Saw".

Lions Gate Films have licensed my music track called "Leisure Class" which I composed a few years back. The track will be playing on the setup/menu systems on all these films as well as others. They purchased the license from my music licensing web site, You can hear a preview of "Leisure Class" by going to and searching for the song title.

Blu-Ray is the new high-definition video format for home video. In the very early days, Blu-Ray players will be expensive (as DVD was at first), but Blu-Ray will also be playable on Sony PlayStation 3 which is likely to be, in the early days at least, by far the cheapest way of playing Blu-Ray discs.

Lion's Gate Films is one of 754 companies and persons who purchased royalty-free music and sound effects from during the month of March 2006.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Music for Nintendo DS game "Worms Open Warfare"

Team17 Software and THQ have released the game "Worms Open Warfare" on the Nintendo DS. I composed the music for this NDS game and delivered it with Nintendo DS music replayer code.

The music was first composed as real studio recordings with external synthesizers, guitars, and studio gear. These original versions were used on the Sony PSP version of the game. I then painstakingly converted the music to Fasttracker XM Mod format. The music was then converted to a special Nintendo DS music format by my programmer associates. Together, were were able to deliver the music, music player code and get everything playing in-game.

Make sure you give this fun game a try, if you have a Nintendo DS. :-)

Monday, April 03, 2006

Music used by BBC World Service

I'm happy to say that I have provided some of my music for the BBC again -- this time it's for the "Portugese for Africa" programme, which is part of BBC World Service.