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Monday, June 12, 2006

New hour of ambient relaxation music, set to Rain ambience

Dear Friends,

I’m writing with news of a new “private” music/sound release. I say “private” because it’s not really a big official release like my CD “Beneath Another Sky” etc.

This is a one-hour uninterrupted piece of ambient/relaxation music, set to the sound of falling rain. I’ve called it “Relaxing Rain Ambience”.

I started this project by recording the rainfall in a nearby woodland area. On listening to it, I felt that the rain sound didn’t get “rich” enough, so on a different day I also recorded the sound of another heavier rainfall and this time I recorded it right outside my house. This gave a better sound because water was trickling down the walls and onto the rocks and cement, as well as trickling down the gutter with a nice clucking sound.

I mixed the two sounds (the one from the woodland and the one from outside my house) together and I felt it gave a pretty nice rich rain sound. Strangely, as if by some weird coincidence, the two one-hour rain recordings kind of seem to follow each other in intensity. When the “woodland rain” picks up the intensity, the “home rain” does the same thing – even though they were recorded on two separate days.

Once I had the full hour of rain sound, I started listening to it for long periods of time, and whilst listening to it I started to play with musical ideas that I felt came naturally and went well together with the rain. After a few weeks I arranged some of these musical ideas into long piece of ambient relaxation music that plays for a full one hour, with very little repetition.

I then mixed the music and the rain together, resulting in a kind of peaceful, refreshing, ambient music hour. It’s meant for scene-setting, relaxing, rest and recovery, and to help concentrate while working. It’s not really meant for “intense listening”.

Anyway, I hope you’ll take the time to listen to the 3-minute preview file that I have created. This release is only available to buy as a download, from my music download shop. It costs US$ 8.99. If you buy it, you get the full one-hour mp3 file (256 kbps) and hi-res printable cover artwork.

The price US$ 8.99 is for personal use / home listening only, and can be purchased from my music download shop.

If you want to license this audio for commercial or in-public use (such as in a spa, relaxation centre, treatment/massage clinic, in a shop, on TV etc.), you can also buy it from for $19.95. This price then includes a license to use the music commercially and in public.

“Relaxing Rain Ambience” is the 5th in a series of “relaxation music set to nature sound” recordings that I have created over the past few years. The other four are: “Relaxing Amazon Evening”, “Relaxing Seaside Ambience”, “Relaxing Campfire Ambience” and “Relaxing Forest Ambience”. All are available at $8.99 each from

Thanks for reading!
- Bjorn

Monday, June 05, 2006

Bjorn Lynne download-shop, with many unique releases

Dear friends,

I’m pleased to announce the re-opening of my music download shop! It has been open for a couple of weeks already, but I wanted to hold off the actual announcement for a while, until a few orders had come in – so I could be sure that everything worked okay before I made the big announcement.

All albums are sold as big .zip files containing the music tracks as 256-kbps mp3 files, and with hi-res, printable cover artwork included, so you can print the cover and make your own CD to put in your shelf.

I already know that some of you are going to write to me and ask why I don’t offer the music in a lossless format instead, such as FLAC. The answer is that I already tried that. I had a music download shop with FLAC files before, and nobody bought anything. FLAC is good, but it’s not widely known, and most people just prefer mp3. The mp3’s I sell now are in a very high bit-rate of 256 kbps, and as the composer and producer of the music on sale, I have never once been able hear the difference between the original master recording and the 256-kbps mp3 files. So they are as good as lossless audo files.

The mp3 files are not protected in any way. Instead, I leave it up to you, to act responsibly and not share the files with anybody else.

Download album prices are $5 cheaper than the physical CD price. Plus, of course, you save more than that by not having to pay anything for CD-shipping.

Previously unreleased and rare albums also available in download-shop

In the new download-shop you can of course buy all my CDs. But more than that, you can also buy all the sold-out CDs which haven’t been on sale for a long time, and some previously unreleased “rare” items like my “Urban Darkness” CD of dark ambient music, my early demo-tape from 1991 and my series of one-hour nature soundscapes with relaxation music.

Payments by 2checkout or PayPal

In the new download-shop you can order in two ways:

  1. 2checkout. The first way is to use the “add to cart” links and pay through 2checkout. You pay 2checkout with a credit card, as when the payment is processed, you are automatically presented with a link to download the product(s). Additionally, the link is sent to you by email as well.

  2. Paypal. If you prefer to pay through Paypal, you should simply add up the cost of what you want to purchase, go to Paypal and choose “send money”. Send the money to my Paypal address: , and include information on the payment, about which product(s) you are ordering. I will personally email you the download links within 24 hours (usually much faster).

Currently available albums in the Bjorn Lynne download-shop:

  • Bjorn Lynne “Beneath Another Sky” CD (2006)
  • Bjorn Lynne “Soothe” CD (2004)
  • Bjorn Lynne feat Eco-Mcz “Statement” CD (2004)
  • Bjorn Lynne “Return to Witchwood” CD (2003)
  • Bjorn Lynne “Colony” CD (2002)
  • Bjorn Lynne “The Gods Awaken” CD (2001)
  • Bjorn Lynne “Accelerator” CD (2001)
  • Bjorn Lynne “Revive” CD (2000)
  • Bjorn Lynne “Wolves of the Gods” CD (1999)
  • Bjorn Lynne “Wizard of the Winds” CD (1998)
  • Bjorn Lynne (as Dr.Awesome) “Decade” CD (1997)
  • Bjorn Lynne “The Void” CD (1997)
  • Bjorn Lynne “Witchwood” CD (1996)
  • Bjorn Lynne “Dreamstate” CD (1995)
  • Bjorn Lynne “Montage” CD (1994)
  • Bjorn Lynne “Hobbits & Spaceships” CD (1992)

  • Bjorn Lynne (as Divinorum): “Power Liquids” CD (2003)
  • Bjorn Lynne (as Divinorum): “Talisman” (2000)
  • Bjorn Lynne (as Divinorum): “Isms” (1999)

  • Bjorn Lynne: “Relaxing Amazon Evening – with ambient/exotic music” (2006)
  • Bjorn Lynne: “Relaxing Seaside Ambience – with gentle piano & flute music” (2005)
  • Bjorn Lynne: “Relaxing Campfire Ambience – with gentle guitar music” (2004)
  • Bjorn Lynne: “Relaxing Forest Ambience – with gentle piano music” (2003)
  • Bjorn Lynne: “Urban Darkness” (2001)
  • Bjorn Lynne: “Worms Armageddon Soundtrack” (1999)
  • Bjorn Lynne: “Phoenix: Deep Space Resurrection” (1999)
  • Bjorn Lynne: “Worms 2 – Original Soundtrack” (1998)
  • Bjorn Lynne: “Pig Detective – Original Soundtrack” (1997)
  • Bjorn Lynne: “Seven Kingdoms II – The Frythan Wars” (1998)
  • Bjorn Lynne: “Seven Kingdoms – Original Soundtrack” (1997)
  • Bjorn Lynne: “Alien Breed 3D – Original Soundtrack” (1995)
  • Bjorn Lynne: “Brave New Virtual World” (1993)
  • Bjorn Lynne: “Demo-Tape 1” (1991)

To visit the Bjorn Lynne download-shop: